Adventures for Kids

Nature. Education. Fun.

Discover tracks and signs, learn about snake identification and what to do when you come across them, which plants you can eat and lots more.

Home Grown Junior

Join Home Grown Junior for a 4 hour, fun filled educational program.

We start off with an age appropriate chat on conservation and looking after our planet. 

This is followed up by a  short hike where the young adventurers are introduced to the  tracks and signs that we find on our way. 

We chat about snakes  and snake handling. 

We introduce them to the magic of plant and bird identification.

No adventure is complete without a bit of fun, so the teams gear up for “bokdrol spoeg” and “kettie skiet” competitions whilst enjoying a healthy snack.

The Junior Programs are presented as open events, please contact us for the next adventure date.

This adventure is also available to be booked as a private adventure for birthday parties or larger groups.